Welcome to St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church!

St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church in Oxford is a place of unconditional hospitality where everyone who comes through our doors is welcomed and received. Are you looking at this website because you are seeking a spiritual home? Or are you just looking for a nice church near you where you can go for worship this Sunday? Regardless of what you are seeking, the people of St. Christopher’s want to welcome you. Come, and you will find . . . a place to worship God with people who care about one another . . . a place to grow in faith . . . a place where you can find a way to serve . . . a place where you can find solace. Whatever you are seeking, we welcome you and hope that you will join us soon.

Please join us for Worship on Sunday at 8:30 am for a quiet and reverent Eucharist or 10:30 am Eucharist with Great Music. Both services Rite 2.