Stewardship is a year round commitment, a response of thanksgiving for the many blessings that God has bestowed on us.

 “Let us with gladness present the offerings and oblations
of our life and labor to the Lord.” 

 There is much work to be done to accomplish the mission of spreading the Good news of Christ’s love. Everyone’s financial support is needed to continue the work of ministry. The contribution of the gifts of your time and talent make this a vibrant and healthy parish that welcomes others as Christ.

Please remember to honor your Pledge commitment! As of September 30, pledges are under budget but we know that by the end of the year people will respond by catching up and meeting or exceeding your pledge, responding to God with generous hearts and open hands.

This year we have had a continuing effort to give over and above pledge offerings. Many have taken the 50 Cent Challenge and we are grateful. Thank You! to everyone who has participated. The total we have received so far is over $1,000. Great job!

You will find Faith Offering envelopes in the pews so that we can work together to Close the Gap and end the year with a balanced budget.