News Flash!

What is an Episcopalian anyway?

The Episcopal Church is a Protestant denomination that uses Scripture, Tradition, and Reason for an understanding of faith; at the same time we are Catholic in the way that we worship. Our service looks much like the Catholic Mass, focusing on Scripture, preaching, and the Holy Eucharist.

If you are looking for a place to belong, come to St. Christopher’s.

If you have no religious experience, or if you come from a Protestant faith tradition, or if you are coming from a Roman Catholic background, you will be able to find in the Episcopal Church a place that feels like home. Come just as you are! Whoever you are! If you are seeking a spiritual home, at St. Christopher’s you just might find out that we are just what you are looking for!

We want to spread the good news and reach out to those looking for a place to worship God in a community where they know they will belong.

We have just completed an Inquirer’s Class for those wanting more information about the Episcopal Church. If you are interested in finding out more or joining a class like this, just let us know. Email Pastor Mary Ann . . .

Former Roman Catholics often feel at home in the Episcopal Church because our liturgy is “a little bit catholic.”

People who come from a Protestant or non-denominational background find the Episcopal Church comfortable because we rely on scripture, tradition, and reason, like protestants do.

There are no restrictions on who can belong to the Episcopal Church and everyone who is baptized is welcome to receive communion, even babies!

Come as you are and who you are. You will find a place in the Episcopal Church.

If you want a church that can be a spiritual home, focused more on prayer and spiritual life and growth, the Episcopal Church has those dimensions too.

And as far as St. Christopher’s goes, you will not find a group of people who will gather you in to be part of the community so quickly and with such joy. If you don’t believe that, come and find out.

In-Person Parish Worship Has Returned at 10:00 AM followed by Christian Education for Children and Youth and Coffee Hour

All parish events, rehearsals, meetings, and gatherings are up and running!

Who would have thought it would have been two years that we would have been away from one another! Our last Sunday together was March 8, 2020. But we are BACK! Now is the time to return. Invite your friends and neighbors, family and anyone who is looking for some spiritual refreshment. Let us pray!


Check out the Facebook page of the Friends Folk Club for upcoming concerts. We are excited that MUSICIANS HAVE RETURNED! What a long time it has been! For sure, the Christmas Concert with Charlie Zahm is a go, so plan for it! It is scheduled for FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9. SAVE THE DATE . . . DECEMBER 9 . . . CHARLIE ZAHM’S CELTIC CHRISTMAS . . . LIVE AND IN-PERSON!!!

How fun it was to celebrate COOKIE WALK – CHRISTMAS IN JULY! The vestry enjoyed packaging the cookies and delivering them to parishioners. Thanks to Zach Slaughter for putting together this great video for us so that we get to see our parish family! We hope you enjoyed the cookies and that you know how much you are loved! Enjoy this feast for your eyes!

“Exalt the LORD our God and worship at his footstool; [for] he is holy” (Psalm 99:5, NIV).