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Jim Kusko is shown preparing ground beef for sloppy joe’s at the Lighthouse Youth Center. Barb Funk, who also assisted on this occasion and took the photo, wanted to show the church family that Jim’s talent is not limited to the beautiful floral arrangements both in ground and out throughout St. Christopher’s.

2018 Josh and Bram young Christ Bearers.jpgShown left to right are Josh Fridley and Bram Powels, two of our youngest Christ Bearers, helping mop the kitchen floor at the Lighthouse Youth Center on Thursday, Jan. 25. Josh’s dad, Brian, and Bram’s mother, Niki, are committed St Christopher volunteers at the LYC.


A few hours work produced 102 filled shoe boxes which will go to needy and sick children all over the world!  Added to these, will be the ones completed by our Church Family.


Shown left to right are the St Christopher Christ Bearers who prepared and served over 50 youth, staff and volunteers at the Lighthouse Youth Center on Thursday, Sept. 28.

img_2142One of our children enjoying their new rocking chairs. At St. Christopher’s, everyone has a place!

St. Christopher’ Dedication and Consecration


Shown left to right in the front are Christ Bearers Sydney, Courtney, Cayden Wolfe and Niki Powels.  In the back are Sandy and Chad Wolfe, Ken Mertz, Tyler Swick, Emma Cardinale and Patrick Harrison.

It was pizza night at the Lighthouse Youth Center with Patrick suppling cucumbers, sweet onions, tomatoes and peppers to the salad greens, while Emma and Tyler drove to Redner’s for pepperoni to add to the toppings. Ken Mertz delivered an awesome spiritual reflection to the youth of Oxford and the St Chris kitchen help.   We had a great crew pitching in to make it another Christ Bearing experience. The Lighthouse has requested the Christ Bearers  return Friday, Oct.28 for another pizza fixing, spiritual reflection evening.  Signup sheet will be in Church House on Sunday, Oct. 2.


The youngest Christ Bearer Cayden Wolfe, was busy at work at the Lighthouse Youth Center on Friday, Sept. 23 sanitizing serving carts.



Shown with her Dad and both sets of grandparents is 17-year old Emma Cardinale, a senior at Oxford Area High School, after all worshipped together in the St Christopher Church House during Labor Day weekend.  John and Marielana Cardinale were visiting and are members of St. John’s Episcopal in Somerville, NJ


Shown left to right in the Lighthouse Youth Center’s kitchen are Patrick Harrison, Herb Tester, Bud Hart, Ken Mertz, Phyllis Tester, Brian Fridley and Rich Davis, who prepared and served homemade pizza to near 100 Oxford youth prior to the youth receiving their back to school back packs.  Missing from the photo is Reba Webb, who arrived after the backpacks were prematurely distributed, but who generously supplied materials for the packs the day prior.  The St Chris Christ Bearers will be back in the kitchen on Friday afternoon, Sept. 23.  A signup sheet will be placed in Church House.

10:30 a.m. Service at Church House during renovations – August 14, 2016


Renovations – August 10, 2016

Ordination of Bishop Daniel Gutierrez in Philadelphia

St. Christopher’s Christ Bearers – Lighthouse Youth Center


Shown left to right are Herb Tester, Patrick Harrison, Ken Mertz, Phyllis Tester, Rich Davis and Bud Hart serving as Christ Bearers at the Lighthouse Youth Center on Friday evening, June 24. To volunteer for this once a month assignment contact Bud Hart at 717-606-6063 (call/text).


Emma Cardinale, the youngest Christ Bearer, dons her hair net and reluctantly poses for a snapshot with Phyllis and Herb Tester in the background.


Shown left to right are the St Christopher Christ Bearers who prepped and served a spaghetti dinner cleaning up the kitchen afterward in Oxford Pa’s Lighthouse Youth Center, Friday evening, May 27.

Ken Mertz, Bud Hart, Brian Fridley, Emma Cardinale, Phyllis Tester, Herb Tester, Tarra Vidinghoff, Niki Powels, Rich Davis and Barbara Amendola.

Lancaster Barnstormers 2016

Reba’s Birthday Celebration! We Love You, Reba!

June 2015 Yard Sale and Chicken BBQ

Charlotte Rae MacKale’s Baptism – March 1, 2015

Christmas Eve Service 2014


Our Annual Christmas Cookie Walk